We provide expert professional property condition assessments (PCA) through exceptional electronic report writing for you and your associates to truly understand the condition and functionality of the building. This will better equip you in negotiating as well as maintaining your property.

Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing commercial real estate, we tailor to your specific needs and interests, by empowering your decision-making through thorough inspections and our advanced software that accurately accounts and depicts all major systems and components.

Every commercial transaction is different and has its own distinctive set of characteristics and conditions, which is why when you go with Greenlight you receive the highest level of in-depth knowledge and fact-driven descriptive evaluation outlining the specific condition of the property.


  • Topography and stormwater drainage management
  • Parking, site, loading, and public access areas
  • Balconies, porches, and railing systems
  • Hardscaping and pedestrian walkways
  • On-site utilities including electrical, gas, and water facilitation
  • Structural and roofing systems, components, and materials
  • Exterior façade


  • Foundation & framing
  • Subspaces, workspaces, public & common areas
  • ADA accessibility
  • Kitchens & bathrooms
  • General interior finish and conditions


  • Heating & cooling system equipment
  • Electrical system equipment
  • Plumbing, drain, waste and venting (DWV)
  • Fire protection, sprinkler system
  • Life safety
  • Emergency lighting, stairs, and vertical transportation
  • Security systems


We utilize the latest in tools and technology to better enhance our report writing accuracy. All of our tools are precision-crafted and dedicated to specific needs.

We employ drones that allow us to capture images in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Drones also allow us to give you a bird’s eye view of your property and see issues and the overall condition of your property.

Our thermal imaging equipment (Also known as FLIR) is made by the same manufacturer the government and military use.  FLIR technology is invaluable and helps us find issues that would not be found by the human eye. Thermal imaging can help us find critical issues in your building. We use thermal imaging for your HVAC and electrical systems, and can identify water infiltration either at the roof, wall, or perimeter of the building.



Our commercial inspection services and report writing software are innovative and lightyears ahead of the competition. We utilize interactive software that easily distinguishes each section and deficiency with high-quality photos and videos that are annotated. 

We capture interior portions of the building with 360-degree photos giving you a full unobstructed visualization of the building for future reference and condition enhancement. Each section of the report is professionally narrated in a way that delivers substance and accuracy that not only describes the issue at hand but also gives you the preferred professional to contact for evaluation and repairs.

Useful links for compliance, repairs, or further information. Our reports have a built-in “Request Repair Builder” This feature allows you to specifically choose any section in the report and either you can request a repair or a credit – this feature is intuitive and saves you time and money and negates hiring other contractors for estimates. 

We outline a comprehensive component life expectancy chart. We also provide cost analysis for all the major systems to better inform you of the actual cost and what to expect for repairs or replacement of said equipment.


A comprehensive assessment of every major component from the roof to the basement

 Major and minor deficiencies and any major expenditures necessary

What to watch out for and helpful building maintenance and preservation tips

 Safety issues, hazards, and anything else found during the inspection

 Built-in “Request Repair Builder” feature

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